Bent Brook GC Automobile Equipment Technician Engineer in Bessemer, Alabama

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Key Responsibilities of the Head Mechanic:Maintains a preventative maintenance program on all equipment, purchases repair parts and replacement supplies.Reviews expenses and purchases with department manager for approval. Places orders for parts/supplies as needed for equipment or service and tracks expenses and inventories for budget purposes.Inspects, adjusts, diagnoses and repairs mechanical defects in many types of golf course maintenance equipment.Performs mower grinding/sharpening, performs general overhaul of motors, reels, install and adjusts braking systems.Performs machining or welding work in making fittings used in repair of maintenance equipment.Maintains records of preventative maintenance, repairs made, parts ordered.Maintains up-to-date working knowledge of light and heavy construction and maintenance equipment and automotive apparatus. Skilled in the use of a wide variety of equipment repair tools and in the making of various types of mechanical repairs.Diagnoses mechanical troubles and schedules appropriate preventative maintenance work.Helps to control costs and expenses in the maintenance of the equipment fleet relating to parts purchases, inventory levels, service work, fuel inventories and related items.Incorporates safe work practices in job performance.Performs other duties as required.Work with superintendent to implement agronomy plan.